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Whether you’re a travel agent working for a global brand, an individual servicing a handful of loyal customers, or managing a team of agents, The Travel Junction will help you provide extra value for your clients and help you earn more commission.

No matter the scope of your operation, the sheer breadth of our product range means we’re perfectly suited to compliment your existing offering.

Travel agents

All travel agents know our business is based on relationships. Through TTJ’s platform, you’ll be able to deliver more value to your customer, in a simpler way than ever before. Plus, with 24/7 customer support and unmatched flexibility, we’ll look after your customers like they’re our own.

Travel agent management

Through TTJ, you’ll be regularly updated and informed with the latest product, deals and information, placing both you and your team in the best place for success. With us, it’s about more than sales; receive customisable and practical collateral that assists your team in finalising customer enquiries and bookings, as well as timely reporting and ongoing support from the TTJ team.

Independent agents

TTJ’s range of product can easily add real value to your independent offering. Whether you’re organising bespoke trips for a handful of clients, or specialise in selling a niche location, the sheer depth of our range means we’re confident we have exactly what your client is looking for. Plus, with customisable collateral and ongoing reporting and support, we’ll empower you to take your business to the next level.

Our services

Not only will our platform add unbeatable breadth, depth and availability to your product offering, maximising your commission and profit, but TTJ’s suite of additional services will put you in control like never before.


TTJ gives you access to HELiO, FCTG’s easy-to-use booking platform. In HELiO, you can navigate through some of the world’s widest range of travel product with intuitive search-to-book functions and faster service capability, all working together to help you deliver extra value to your customers.

White label solution

TTJ can offer a white label solution for your own website. All TTJ promotional material and collateral is templated, meaning the setup is quick and easy. We’ll be that secret ingredient that your customers don’t even know exists.

Regular updates and information

We keep our finger on the pulse of the travel industry, passing on that knowledge to you so you can deliver the best insights and value to your customers. Receive regular updates and information on new deals and destinations, helping you can maximise your commission and profit.

Attend travel events

We’ll inform you of any upcoming travel events and trade shows, both virtual and in-person. Keep ahead of all the best promotions and offers, network with fellow travel agents and make an appointment to meet us face-to-face.


No matter where in the world your guest wants to explore, we can get them there. With car hire, transfers, hotels, cruises, tours and attractions across the globe, we mean it when we say we’re opening the world up.

Insights and analytics

Our BI platform showcases trending patterns through data segmentation, delivering deeper insights and allowing you to better optimise and grow your business in a rapidly changing landscape.

Global support

No matter where your customers are travelling, they’ll have 24/7 access to TTJ’s support hubs across the globe. You’ve trusted us with your customers, so we’ll make sure they’re cared for.

Collaborative support

When you grow, we grow. That’s why our teams will work with you collaboratively to ensure the best customer experience from end to end. Depending on your needs, our HELiO platform can be customised to your business, from a manager of a busy retail store to an independent agent with a handful of loyal clients.

Our model

The Travel Junction makes it easy for your business to connect to and receive all our specialised and unbeatable travel product through various connectivity options.